Moher Management 


We adhere to a simple philosophy

focusing on the things that are most important to our clients. Keeping maintenance costs down, keeping vacancy rates low and collections high.

In the preceding years, our property managers and professional maintenance personnel have done just that, creating unique time and money saving technologies along the way. Solutions that have helped our clients maximize their earning potential. Providing Superior Management and Unparalleled Service


The Property Management services that we provide are concise and focus on apartment
buildings, providing unique opportunities to maximize your real estate investment.

Property maintenance is one of the most important activities an owner will entrust to a property management company.

Knowing this, we created our own fully staffed Service Division. A team of professionals who can handle every day service needs as well as any emergency maintenance issue 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because our maintenance people only work on apartments, they’re able to not only fix concerns quicker, but they can detect problems before they become costly disasters.

We know that an empty unit can lead to an empty bank account.

That’s why we have specific systems in place to help make sure your units stay occupied. From our professional Service Division ability to quickly turn a vacant unit, our marketing team that can create and design marketing materials to ensure that top tenants are procured to our leasing staff that is dedicated to closing deals.


Rent Collection
We understand that it’s one thing to have a signed lease, but quite another to have a signed rent check. It’s the reason we’ve put specific technologies in place that allow us to effortlessly track incoming rents and issue unpaid notices at the push of a button.

We’ve also added a vehicle for tenants to pay their rent online with a major credit card or through debiting their checking account. Providing more ways for people to pay their rent provides for the increased likelihood of you getting the money you’re owed. This technology, along with our experienced staff members dedicated to rent collection are here to help guarantee a higher rate of return.

Financial Reporting and Accounting
Well informed decision making is a major factor in whether an operation will be a success or a failure. In this area, it is our sole objective to provide our clients with the most pertinent and valuable information in order to meet their goals. The reports we provide for our clients are customized and concise.

We’re able to give you a complete breakdown of expenses, status of uncollected rents and vacancy reports. You’ll know what your maintenance costs are and what your projected income will be. We’re here to give you the knowledge you need to protect your assets, maximize your returns and not leave any income behind.