Portfolio Performance



We Understand the significance of your investment property.

We know that one of the most complex and significant financial events in life is the sale or purchase of an investment property. The complexity of these transactions can be overwhelming to even the most experienced business person. Moher Properties provides solid guidance and support through the numerous opportunities and challenges that occur during the financing and capitalization aspects of property acquisition and exit. Through our expertise, clients have the opportunity to experience the ever-evolving real estate market to the highest value.

Whether a client is on the buying or selling side, renovating or leasing, Moher Properties has the ability to provide a valuable assessment and pertinent advice (in order to make your deal a reality or necessary to successfully close the transaction). Active relationships with industry specific Capitalization Groups, Lenders, Buyers and Sellers, offer a unique opportunity to collaborate and define a financial transaction’s merit and long term return on investment.


Since our founding in 2010...

we have maximized real estate value for private investors through a unique investment platform defined by:

  • Investment Analysis Specialization
  • A large and diverse inventory of deliverable, consistently under-written inventory of investment property covering apartment buildings and homes across the south side of Chicago and Chicago suburbs.
  • Our ever-changing inventory expands our clients’ investment options and provides a variety of investing opportunities based on their goals and needs.
  • Providing industry-leading research, market information and analysis to help our clients make informed decisions.
  • Access to the most competitive financing through our existing connections.
  • We use a highly organized and systematic process for selecting investment real estate and accessing the largest pool of highly qualified and motivated buyers and sellers.

We are debt service coverage driven in selecting investments.

We like our projects at stabilization to cover 1.4 to 1.8 times the projected NOI. If the debt service can support a shorter amortization period without reducing coverage below 1.4, we tend to support that business model. Comfortable debt service coverage allows a cushion by which dividends can be free flowing at year-end. It also lends support for capital replacements as needed. Thus, all Moher projects have the potential for high return multiples.